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Lefkimmi (Corfu-Kerkira), 400 Sq.m
Lefkimmi, Lefkimi, Detached house, 400 sq.m., on plot 4700 sq.m., floor: Ground floor, 2 level(s), 3 bedroom(s), 2 bathroom(s), 4 parking, property status: Very Good, heating: Central Petrol, doors: Aluminum, features: Stonehouse, Balconies, Inner stairs, Back yard (Garden), Luxury, Trees, Atti...
400 Sq.m
€ 600.000
Lefkimmi (Corfu-Kerkira), 120 Sq.m
Lefkimmi, Detached house, 120 sq.m., on plot 4000 sq.m., floor: Ground floor, 1 level(s), 2 bedroom(s), 1 bathroom(s), 1 WC, 1 kitchen(s), 1 parking, view: Mountain View, year of construction: 2007, property status: Good, heating: Autonomous, floors: Tiles, doors: Aluminum, features: Security a...
120 Sq.m
€ 400.000
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Selected Areas: Lefkimmi (Corfu-Kerkira)
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