Mission & Services



IRG PRO, pocesses the appropriate organization, structure, and experience for the provision of the following services:

  • Searching for the property that is satisfying your needs residential or business use
  • Executing all the legal procedures required for the purchase of the property
  • Obtaining the residence permit
  • Drawing the internal architectural design of your property
  • Settling (purchase of furniture, hygiene)
  • Leasing of the property (if demanded by the customer)

Real Estate Services

  • Real estate property survey
  • Data base of real estate properties available for sale
  • Cooperation with real estate brokers

Solicitor and Notary Services

  • Arrangement of all legal requirements for the completion of a property purchase (contract, land registrar, etc)
  • Legal Support

Insurance Coverage

  • Insurance contract, required by law

After Sale Services

  • Resale of the property
  • Rental opportunities of the property
  • Tax Support
  • Cleaning & maintenance of the property
  • Architectural & Construction Services

Our experienced staff is able to propose you the most suitable option that will really meet your purchase criteria.