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Welcome to IRG PRO Investment & Residency

IRG PRO is the trusted source in Greece for innovative, forward thinking and high professionalism in investment and real estate consulting.

Based in Athens, IRG PRO team is made up of experienced real estate agents, developers, lawyers, notaries, constructors, architects, accountants, insurance brokers, IT professionals and travel agents.

We are active on Greece countrywide basis, and our extensive network is opening new paths in investment, development and real estate consulting, while providing high-quality services, tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.

Greece is a country that offers a wide variety of scenic beauty, one that not many can compete with, from tiny island getaways, to cosmopolitan venues, to ideal family destinations. It offers snow-topped, pine tree covered mountains to town and city dwellings and also sea side locations, with a full range of recreational activities. If you add all that to the unique spirited lifestyle and the presence of ancient and modern culture, you can be sure that your every wish will be catered, be it for a holiday destination or a permanent home.

We undertake the process of issuing Residency Permit in Greece, granted to non-Schengen Citizens, according to Greek Law No.4146/2013, to buyers of property, the value of which exceeds € 250.000.

When contacting us, our experienced staff will be able to propose you the most suitable option that will really meet your purchase criteria.

Our role is to respond to your entire request, and make you enjoy the safety and comfort of the professional and exclusive services we can provide you, every step of the way.

Valia Ioannidou - Constantinou
Managing Director

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Our experienced staff is able to propose you the most suitable option that will really meet your purchase criteria.

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Our core team consists of experienced investment advisors, real estate consultants, engineers and architects with a drive towards excellency.

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