Cyprus Residency/Citizenship by investment

What Cyprus offers:
  1. Warm Mediterranean weather
  2. Wonderful, golden beaches
  3. A combination of sea and mountain resorts
  4. Safety
  5. Warm hospitality
  6. And many economic advantages as:
Government policies that aim to attract foreign investments. Limitations related to the minimum level of investment and foreigners’ participation percentage have been abolished, in most sectors of the economy, allowing for up to 100% equity participation in registering companies or acquiring shares in existing companies.
Administrative procedures have been simplified and measures have been taken to streamline the infrastructure regarding foreign investment, thus reducing the level of bureaucratic intervention and fostering improved economic activity.
Foreign companies now have the opportunity of investing and establishing business in Cyprus on equal terms with local investors.
Cyprus is not only an attractive place to do business, but also a unique place to reside. Real Estate has been one of the key growth sectors for decades, representing a significant portion of the country’s GDP.
Cyprus continues to offer a unique attractiveness for holiday homes. In addition, with 340 days of sunshine and its enviable lifestyle, the island is a popular destination for permanent residency. At the same time, a number of large scale development projects, ranging from residential to commercial projects including marinas, golf courses and theme parks, are being developed, offering attractive options for investment in the land development industry.
Property Incentives – Residency, Citizenship (EU passport), Freehold
  • The Council of Ministers of the Cyprus Government has recently introduced attractive schemes to encourage property investments in Cyprus for non-EU citizens.
  • Non-EU residents have the opportunity to acquire a permanent residency permit with the purchase of a private home of at least €300,000 and deposits of minimum €30,000 in a local bank for three years. The attractiveness of the scheme, however, goes further and offers two or three permanent residency permits for one family, with the purchase of a house at the corresponding price.
  • Non-EU residents can acquire Cypriot nationality (EU passport) with any direct investment of 5 million euros, or through bank deposits of €5 million in a local bank for a period of 3 years. All investments are safe.
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